The Copper Tree

The Copper Tree

Written by Hilary Robinson Illustrated by Mandy Stanley

When Olivia’s teacher, Miss Evans, dies, the children at her school are encouraged to think of everything that reminds them of her.

The book is written with touching sensitivity and sprinkled with light hearted moments. ‘The Copper Tree’ is about love and legacy and will help children understand that while sadness is an inevitable part of grief, death is not necessarily the end… for what is left behind can be everlasting.

Book cover of The Copper Tree by Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley

A book to help explain death to a child

It can be difficult to explain the death of a loved one to a child. A book can provide the ideal opportunity for addressing and exploring issues which are associated with death and an accessible picture book like The Copper Tree can help.

The Copper Tree was chosen by as one of the ‘Top Ten Books for Children Dealing with Death and Grief’.

All Things Bright And Beautiful

The Copper Tree story makes reference to the popular "All Things Bright And Beautiful" and during a few minutes of reflection, after they learn of their teacher's death, the children are comforted by a piano arrangement of the tune.  We are grateful to Rick Wakeman  who has so kindly given us permission to include this beautiful arrangement on our website.  It comes from his CD/DVD  Amazing Grace and you can buy it from iTunes.

Rick Wakeman