The Copper Tree

Story background

Two alpacas living at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, Leeds

Eddie and Errol, alpacas living at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm lies right in the middle of the busy city of Leeds.  Lots of volunteers including children from local schools and from the neighbourhood go and help Sue and her many trainees.  They enjoy working on the farm and looking after the farmyard animals – including two alpacas called Eddie and Errol!

Mandy, the Copper Tree Class series illustrator and I spent a lovely wintery morning there recently. We took lots of photos for research for Blue Barn Farm, the fourth book in the Copper Tree Class series.

Not far from the farm is a foodbank where people who are hungry and experiencing hardship can have at least three days emergency food and support.

In our story the children celebrate their food festival by visiting Blue Barn Farm.  They dig up vegetables which they then donate to the local foodbank to help families who are finding it difficult to buy food.

Class character Alfie Tate appoints himself as Nature Detective however when they fear a blackberry burglar is on the prowl!

“Blue Barn Farm encourages children to appreciate the natural sources of our food and the positive ways in which food can be shared for the benefit of all.”

“Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley write groundbreaking picture books that deal with topical issues in a sensitive way.” Ruth Humphreys, Children’s Book Specialist, Librarian and Storyteller.