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The Princess Books

Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley are the team that created Princess Isabella and her young penfriend Lucy featured in the popular picture books The Princess’s Secret Letters and The Princess’s Secret Sleepover.

Described by a former children’s book buyer of WH Smith as “one of the best collaborations of author and illustrator I had come across” they were brought together by their publishers, Little Tiger Press.

Initially sold exclusively by Marks and Spencer, The Princess’s Secret Letters was later launched nationally and international rights were subsequently sold – most recently to Indonesia. The sequel, The Princess’s Secret Sleepover has proved as popular.

In February 2012 it was announced by Little Tiger Press that a mini paperback edition of The Princess’s Secret Letters will form part of a carry case of five books, entitled My Pretty Bag Of Books.

The Princess's Secret Letter

Do you know what presents a princess gets on her birthday? No, that's because it is a secret. In this book Princess Isabella reveals all her birthday secrets in letters to her friend Lucy - and to you! There is a cover-mounted pink, fluffy pen so the reader can write their own secret letters.
The Princess's Secret Letters, by Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley

The Princess's Secret Sleepover

Can you keep a secret? Do you want to know what it's like to sleep in a royal palace? Or what princesses do at sleepovers? This title presents Princess Isabella's letters to her friend, Lucy, where, she reveals her sleepover secrets.
The Princess's Secret Sleepover, by Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley
The different book covers from the Princess's Secret series