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Posted on 17.09.13, about

Help a Hamster is one in a series of picture books by Hilary Robinson dealing with challenging issues for children – in this case, adoption.

There was a surprise in store for the children of Copper Tree class when they returned to school after the holidays. Henry, the class hamster, had come back with four baby hamsters. A shock for everyone, as they thought Henry was a boy!

With the baby hamsters now needing new homes, Alfie Tate is assigned hamster monitor. Their teacher, Mr Davis, thought Alfie was the best person for the job, as he himself is adopted and could tell the rest of the class what it was like to go to a new home.

This beautifully illustrated book is aimed at children between the ages of four and seven. It would be a rewarding book to read alongside your child to help them with their understanding of adoption. It also raises others issues such as bullying when the smallest hamster, Alfonzo, is ignored by his mother, Henry, and pushed aside by the others. Alfie takes pity on poor Alfonzo and when he is the last to be found a new home, Alfie’s adopted mother agrees to him taking the hamster home as his own.

Help a Hamster is the third in the Copper Tree class series. Other books in the series deal with issues such as bereavement, the elderly, divorce and prejudice.