The Copper Tree

The Copper Tree Class

The Copper Tree Class is a series of books following the lives of a small group of children and the lives of those around them. The creators, Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley, have addressed critical topics and themes that affect small children, such as death, relationships with the elderly, adoption, child caregivers and bullying and gently interwoven those strands into accessible and charming picturebooks.

A book to help explain death to a child

Book cover of The Copper Tree by Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley

It can be difficult to explain the death of a loved one to a child. A book can provide the ideal opportunity for addressing and exploring issues which are associated with death and an accessible picture book like The Copper Tree can help.

The Copper Tree was chosen by as one of the ‘Top Ten Books for Children Dealing with Death and Grief’.


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Tom's Sunflower

The story neatly underlines some of the concerns children develop when they're dividing their time between two parents who no longer live together. The story of Tom has a neat twist that imparts a hugely positive message.

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Tom's Sunflower

The latest in the Copper Tree Class series, Tom’s Sunflower is about helping children come to terms with difficult situations. Hana is feeling sad because her mum and dad are splitting up and going to live in different places. Mr. Davis, the teacher, tells the class a story about a boy called Tom whose parents […]

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Tom's Sunflower

Divorce is never easy and the damage done can last a lifetime. Often it is the children who are left to count the cost. Stuck in the middle or pushed to the margins. Whilst grown-ups score points and look to survive, children can be left to drift through the debris of their own lives, desperate […]

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  • Peter B. Forster
  • Chartered Counselling Psychologist and author